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A Thank you email
God morning Ian!

This is just to thank you for your excellent presentation last night.

That our members turned up in such numbers on what could only be
described as a filthy night was a tribute to you. I hope that you and
Helen got home safely, although the storm had abated somewhat by the
time the meeting finished.

Your presentation gave a whole new perspective to railway photography
and Chairman Jim was right in saying that you would have scooped the
board at our annual photo competition! We must all try harder!

I am sure that members, apart from their enjoyment of the evening, would
have learned something as well, particularly about composition and

To be reminded of the progress the GCR had made with its infrastructure
over the years was quite enlightening although many of our members
regret the change in their policy about lineside photogaphy. I suspect
that the change is not so much due to health and safety, but to reduce
the beauracracy of managing the photographers!

Thank you again for your inspirational presentation.

I hope you will come back another time to give us more!

Kind regards

Graeme Wade

Secretary, Lincoln Railway Society