Over the past few years I've developed a number of talks, each of these can be tailored to your organisation, society or clubs needs in both content and length. All of the talks have used photographs taken by myself, the talks are constructed to appeal to a wide range of audiences, WI, U3A. Probus, Railway Societies and many other groups. If you would like more information please contact me using the Contact Us tab. Below is a list a brief resume of each talk.
Key Steps to Improving your Pictures

On our trips both locally and further a field we take pictures to remind us of the experience. In the Camera, Smart phone or Tablet they look great only to disappoint on returning home. This talk will help you construct pictures you’re happy with. THIS TALK IS CONSTRUCTED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE NON SPECIALIST PHOTOGRAPHER. Presentation duration approximately 45 minutes.

Best of Britain

A collection of stunning images taken across the British Isles from the West Country to the northern most parts of the Outer Hebrides. Presentation duration Approximately 45 or 90 minutes.

On My Doorstep

You don't need to travel far to take beautiful images. This talk takes a look at images taken close to my home in North West Leicestershire and surrounding area. Most of the locations can be reached in 20-30 minutes. Presentation duration approximately 45 minutes..


Peel back the years and enjoy a nostalgic and thought provoking look at how life was in the past and particularly the 1950’s & 1960’s. Presentation duration approximately 45 minutes.

A Canadian Journey

A journey across Canada. Starting in Toronto and Niagara Falls and travelling to Vancouver and Vancouver Island before embarking on a journey through the Canadian Rockies. Presentation duration approximately 45 minutes.

Across Australia

We start with a short stop over in Singapore, before moving on to Perth, Western Australia, across to the Red Centre and traverse the Great Ocean Road before arriving in Sydney. Presentation duration approximately 45 minutes.

Land of the Long White Cloud

Travel through the majestic North & South Islands of New Zealand, Visiting the thermal springs in Rotorua and the magnificent Southern Alps and Milford Sound on the South Island. Presentation duration approximately 45 minutes.

Other Side of the World

By Combining Land of the Long White Cloud and Across Australia we see our 9 week trip which includes stop overs in Singapore, Fiji and San Francisco.Presentation duration approximately 90 minutes.

India Through a Coach Window

India, a place of contrast, with chaotic roads, amazing people and magnificent history and heritage. Travelling through the Golden Triangle in a coach meeting the people and places as we go. Presentation duration approximately 45 minutes.

Past Times

Primarily produced for those with an interest in Steam Locomotives and Heritage Railways. This is a pictorial talk on the Great Central Railway in Loughborough, part of a project I’m currently undertaking. Presentation duration approximately 90 minutes.