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Colours of Autumn

Autumn in the Lakes
There's nothing better than the English Lake District in the autumn, of course catching the leaf colours at there optimum is always a bit of a lottery, unless you live on the doorstep. First hurdle was the weather which generally was kind, although it was a mix of sunshine and the typical Lakes rain.

Those overcast days lent towards woodland and waterfall photography. I managed to locate some of the sites i had planned to visit and this time decided to concentrate on the north west part of the Lakes mainly Derwentwater, Ullswater and Haweswater. As usual events conspire against you and my plan to circumnavigate Derwentwater using the Launch to hop on and off had to be abandoned as the launches were only doing a none stop circular tour.

Pooley Bridge and some images around the top end of Ullswater also failed as Pooley Bridge was either packed with other visitors or inaccessible due to the road works in the area. I did manage to photograph at Brothers Water, Tewet Tarn and the Old Mill in Borrowdale some of my choosen locations.

Perhaps I was a week early to get the best colours in the trees as they were just beginning to turn, perhaps it will be better next year.